HVAC Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I bought this AmazonLocal voucher . How do I schedule a service call?
A: To schedule a service call, simply call us 888-505-6753 or email info@new-york-air-duct-cleaning.com with your address, phone number and few preferred dates for the service.

Q: How much time does this service take?
A: Normally Supply Vent cleaning takes about 60-90 minutes depending on the configuration of your system. For Dryer vent, you can expect additional 30 minutes or less, as often these have to be cleaned from both sides.

Q: What is the area coverage for your services?
A: This voucher covers Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Suffolk and Nassau counties as our offices are located in Brooklyn and Queens. All other New York areas are welcome to purchase this deal and we will simply add a $40-$55 travel fee to your invoice depends on your exact location.

Q: Can I purchase more than one voucher?
A: Due to such low price, we limit only one per household. We do encourage you to buy two more Gift Vouchers for your family and friends. Trust us, they will thank you for it.

Q: Can I schedule my appointment for any day of the week?
A: Due to overwhelming response of these promotions, appointments are required and subject to availability. We will and do work around your schedule to make these most convenient for you.

Q: What if I work late and can’t be home during regular business hours?
A: Our technicians are scheduled for Monday – Sunday, from 8:00AM to as late as 9:00PM if needed. We understand that some of you work late and not able to be home during standard business hours.

Q: I am concerned about additional charges at time of service. I have a home ~2500 sq. ft.
A: The offer is for unlimited supply vents for one heating system so the size of the house is not an issue. If you have an additional furnace, additional $49 will apply for this second system.

Q: I have a return air duct in each room, as well as a supply vent. Are there extra fees for each return air register?
A: The offer is for unlimited supply vents for one heating system. Every additional return will cost additional $9.99.

Q: How do I know how many vents I have? I want to avoid paying additional fees.
A: The offered is for unlimited supply vents for one heating system, so the number of vents is not an issue. Please remember that we accept only one voucher per household.

Q: Can I use this for my business location?
A: In general, you can use this special offer for your business location as long as it is not bigger than a home system. We suggest calling our office to confirm prior to purchase.

Q: Can I get an estimate for my house prior to purchasing this, so that I have a more accurate idea of the real cost? For example, say I have 29 vents in my home – what would the cost of the job be?
A: This offer includes an inspection of a single system in your home, irrespective of the number of vents. If you think your system is complex or you would like to confirm the price, simply give us a call 888-505-6753.

Q: Do you have the equipment to clean soft / flex ducts without damage?
A: Yes, we use all the special equipment to clean flex ducts in a professional manner.

Q: I have two furnaces (large house). Can I buy two vouchers and use them both?
A: You only need to purchase one coupon to receive this promotion value for your second furnace.

Q: My dryer vent runs under the entire house to the outside. Is there any extra charge for this?
A: The dryer vent cleaning is included in the offer. As long as the vent does not have an unusual size (more than 20 feet) there will be no extra fees.

Q: Some companies’ technicians are very pushy about selling additional services that the voucher doesn’t cover. Can you tell me what is and isn’t covered with the air duct cleaning?
A: New York Technician are paid hourly, they are not paid by commission and although the company provides other services they are not “pushed” to our clients.

Q: We have a new Carrier system, showing a message that the filter needs to be serviced. Do you clean these, and if not, do you sell replacements?
A: We do offer Electrostatic filter replacements. Our company is equipped to handle any HVAC issues. The filter and the system will be inspected in order to determine the problem.

Q: Once the voucher is expired, what are my options?
A: Only the promotional value of the voucher expires. You can still use the actual value of the vouchers and apply it towards any of our services.

Q: After inspecting the furnace, what is the cost should it need to be cleaned?
A: Most costs vary based on the configuration of your system. The technician will be able to offer an estimate at the time of the inspection.

Q: Do you clean INSIDE vents or just the outside grills?
A: As part of our service we remove the grills and clean inside.

Q: What home types are included with this offer?
A: This offer applies to condos, apartments, single-family and town homes. All others should call us first to make sure this offer will apply.

Q: Do you service entire building and/or condo associations?
A: We certainly do and do it well. Feel free to have your Association to give us a call for a Air Duct Cleaning discount.

Q: What is the difference between a vent, return vent and main vent? I have vents near the ceiling and in the floor in my upstairs and only near the ceiling downstairs.
I have a bi-level house.

A: Cold air returns collect the air from the house back into the furnace while the supply vents return it into the house. It is a circulation system.
Supply vents could be spotted by looking for the adjustment valves on it.

Q: Is the equipment that is brought into the home dragged across the carpet? Also does technicians use carpet protectors on their feet.
A: Yes, we use carpet protectors for the equipment, as well as disposable booties for the personnel.

Q: Does this service require cutting a 6″ hole (or other alteration) to the house duct for you to connect the negative pressure hose?
A: Yes, most of the times it is required in order to connect the negative pressure machine. Our technicians will inform the customers on any actions required prior to making any changes to your system. If done, rest assure all work is done accurately and professionally.

Q: Do you use a truck mounted system?
A: No, we use portable air-care professional negative-pressure machines.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?
A: Yes, of course we are.